Currently there are about 130 automobile manufacturers and millions of automotive suppliers in China. The core technologies are dependent on imports. The most wanted are of special machine manufacturers, tool makers, development of process engineering, quality assurance, as well as the land-specific technical solutions and also well-trained technical staffs.

The domestic producers of China have not occupied advantage positions in the global market. But the situation could change quickly. The Chinese regulatory authority has adopted in July 2004 a new policy of development guidelines until 2010. It was a very ambitious program that inspirits the national manufacturer to afford high-quality automobile parts to compete with foreign brands.

 The market potential is enormous. The risk is the same. The competition has been forcing the involved companies to reduce costs while improving quality. This requires technical and process-driven innovation and appropriate implementation, which in turn requires many years experience and know-how.

Therefore we created our Academy to focus only to long term and sustainable profit growth in China. Herewith including education sections which lead to top class Jade Belt Asia.