The profile of "Made in China" stands for European mostly for lower
prices, but at the same time for low quality level. We will hunt for
you the supplier from number of providers which ask for the lowest
price but at the same time provide the best quality goods, and handle
the transaction locally. As a result, Not only the procurement costs
would be reduced, but also the quality of the purchased items could be

As your purchasing department's extension, we organize procurement
activities in China for you. Thereby, you can save time, stress and
unnecessary troubles. Due to our practice-oriented and qualified
staffs, we achieve goals rapidly and support you from the inquiry to
the delivery process of the tools and mold construction, special
purpose machinery manufacture, technique for joining parts and
assembly, as well as the automotive industry.

GTEC supports project coordination between German and Chinese
companies. For that purpose, we help to overcome the communication
barriers and provide the discussion platform.We plan and coordinate
international cooperation projects in innovative technologies of the
automotive industry, e.g., eco-motor.

Overview of the benefits you can get:

You can save time, stress and unnecessary troubles.
Intercultural collaboration, perfect communication.
Your purchasing department's extension.
Rapid achievement by practice-oriented employees.
Professional service by highly-qualified team.
Comprehensive service from inquiry to delivery process.
Proved and experienced processes ensure trouble-free purchasing process.