We operate for German Headquarters to do financial Controlling and check planned expenditure and the current legal situation of your offices in China. Orders and inquiries are billed at an hourly or monthly rate.

Furthermore, we are engaged in due diligence on the following occasions by :

        Buying a business .
        Buying a participation of companies
        Buying a property

    Initial public offering (mainboard , IPO, Venture Capital Board , currently only for Chinese companies possible. 3 New Board / Out Board Counter Bulledin ( ODCBB ) for foreign companies or  for joint venture with Chin. Companies.

We distinguish two actions for German companies in China :

Buy Side Due Diligence

The buyer initiates the due diligence. He chooses GTEC with his experts that examine the need to buy the company for him.

We provide purchase price proposal , strengths - weaknesses analysis , risk assessment, and a list of demanding to warranties of .

Vendors Due Diligence

The seller prepares through a due diligence before his company or part of the company for a sale. He therefore takes up with GTEC contact.

GTEC detects and analyzes the weaknesses of the company to be sold and supported and advises the removal . In this way, the salesman before negative surprises after a Buyers Due Diligence is safe.

For both , we take over the corresponding communication and negotiations with authorities .