"China is a market where one can not share it if he is not there."


However, who don’t understand the rules of the game will not survive in the competition. Those who want to do business in China must be there. This is often very difficult for the German medium-sized enterprises and always involves considerable expense. Foreign languages, different cultures, different business practices and the long distance make it extremely difficult to get into the Chinese market. Unfortunately middle-sized enterprises commonly lack necessary means and know-how to overcome these barriers. To solve this problem, GaTec provides you solutions which will enable you rapidly and effectively enter the market with limited cost.


You have problems? We have solutions!

Too far (flight, transportation, and travel expenses ...)

Too expensive (entering market, building networks, renting office room, hiring staffs ...)

Too different (different language, culture, mentality, conditions, ...)

Too risky (investment uncertainty, unpredictability of the legal system, ...)

Too expensive (it may take a long time to get profitable.)

Japanese, Korean competitors (their cost are lower ...)


Our starters’ package will help small and medium sized German enterprise get into the Chinese market:

Fully equipped office

Exhibition opportunities for your production and advertising materials in China

Secretarial services: answer phone calls, forward e-mails, correspondence process ...

Translation of advertising material into Chinese

Design and redesign all of your advertising materials for you.