German Technology & Engineering Cooperation Asia

We are a German company with focus on purchasing, manufacturing and industrial service of automotive, environment and energy in China and Asia. With our own non-fiction publishing house and academy, we support educational institutions around the globe.

We are a German company with focus on engineering to the topic of "green energy" which covers Automobie, Chemical, Envionment and Energy. Our headquarters is based north of Nuremberg. We have one representative offices in Suzhou/China. Our company is specialized to provide service for business in China. Our years of experience with German and Chinese companies is the basis of our service. We have kept in touch with Chinese authorities, customers, suppliers and business partners for years. Our business networks make it possible for you to get into the Chinese market rapidly and effectively, that will help you to save your time, money and avoid unnecessary trouble.

We offer German and Chinese customers an individual, product-specific support with market analysis while they getting into the market, procurement, distribution, implementation of investment.

The speciality of our service is the implementation of subject-specific task into practice. We search and identify your customers, suppliers and other partners in China. We carry out market researches, evaluations and give you report which could help you estimate the business opportunities and risks in the Chinese market more realistically.

There are Chinese and German employees with us, who are on the cutting edge of the times. Any economic and legal change will take into consideration of you benefit and will feedback to you immediately.

We’ve created a customized solution for the German middle-sized companies in the automotive sector, to make the market entry in China easier and more effective.

With our market entry package, companies can conveniently operate in China and take actions quickly.