Where does the enormous price differences from Asian to German toolmakers come from?

It is therefore clear, tool sourcing and thus projects for purchasing parts are tedious. For cost reasons, a long-term partnership must be established (not just a single project). Right from the start, clearly defined specifications must be created, effective project controlling should take place every week, if possible, preferably with a project manager based on site, who also takes care of supplier development (for simple tools = at least need 1 year, for complex tools = at least takes 4 years). Tool sampling inspection and measurement need to take place on site. In addition, know-how transfer to next projects is required.

In plastic injection molding business, hot runner technology and the manufacture of thin-walled plastic parts are still in the development stage. CAE, CAM, CNC and EDM are still not an issue in many places due to the inexpensive workforce. Definitely, the time pressure of changes and the required process reliability will accelerate the application of these tools in the near future.

Therefore, no Western company is telling anyone their reliable toolmakers from LCC, which he has developed with great effort. Each company tries to qualify its own selected suppliers in the hope of achieving ROI as soon as possible.

I hope this article is not too provocative. What do you think?