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Supplier Relationship Management SRM

Basic trainings will start for cost structure analysis and cost transparency for top suppliers at each commodity. SQE are able to do this job after training. Training SQE for SD tasks should be done first, before confrontation with suppliers (Upgrade of skills of purchasing personnel).
• Data collection. For example, process mapping to collect data for cost structure analysis and to write an analysis afterwards, is easy to be done by current SQE staff at their supplier sites.
• Negotiation Training necessary for dealing with suppliers.
• Technical training in commodities to become Leading Expert in one pillar is more difficult, need engineering background, for example:
1. Die casting
2. Plastic injection
3. Stamping
4. Machining

For this methodology, the author registered trademarks of ECOCUT™ and SPECTRA™ in China. Whereas SPECTRA is the process description and ECOCUT the tool for product & tool costing to gain results in a win-to-win situation for all involved parties and stakeholders.

The tool ECOCUT can be bought or leased for effective use within your own company. Please write an email to contact(at)">contact(at), if interested in. And I am sure, for you, this approach is welcome to reduce cost inhouse and for your suppliers.

If you need a demonstration and our very competitive prices, please don't hesitate to contact us at contact(at) or call us at  0086-13482438080 (China). 

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Karlheinz Zuerl