Efficient Cost Cutting 1!


JD Technical Trainer Product Costing:

What are your tasks? 

- using our Powerpoint presentations and Excel based product costing cost calculation sheets to train our contracted Chinese and international companies to reduce their inhouse costs or purchasing prices at supplier sites. 

- preparing and follow up trainings and workshops at customer sites.

- support customers purchasing team in price negotiating with suppliers by analysing their costs items.

- support customers sales team in preparing and price negotiating with purchasing teams from their customers.


What you should bring with you?

- bachelor of economy and engineering (either mechanical or electric/electronic or other technical subjects)

- experienced in production processes (e.g. plastic injection, stamping, casting)

- experienced in managing and leading trainings and workshops

- self-esteemed standing at customer contacts

- efficient time management

- very good Chinese and English knowledge in explaining financial and technical data.

- very good MS Word, Excel and Powerpoint skills