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Does buying die & molds in China have high cost advantages? Does it have high risks as well, which are often underestimated?

- Distance (travel times, transport routes): Due to Corona Virus times and due to cost reasons, we prefer weekly regular online video conferencing to clarify timing, costs, and quality requirements, if any.

- In China, for example, toolmakers work closely with Chinese parts suppliers or are parts suppliers themselves (risk: know-how transfer): We deliver tools and parts at one company and keep non-disclosure agreements.

- Cultural differences, e.g. investment behavior in China (in consequences bad quality of parts): We produce molds and parts with our modern equipment and machines according to your drawings, product specifications and quality manual. We make several trial-runs on our own machines and send report to you before we ship mold or parts to your destination. Even there are some orders from customers running parallel, we are not overloading our production and are always able to deliver in time.

- Little experience, for example, of Chinese toolmakers in high-volume production tools, e.g. incorrect hardness, dimensional deviations: We transfer “lesson learned” from one project to the next one. See our high volumes molds for our International customers.

- Prices for high-quality tools are often just as high as in Germany (e.g. complexity, shot performance guarantee): To compare apples with apples, we have at least 30% price advantage due to cheaper workforce, machines and energy costs. Our processes are highly efficient. We deliver all kind of mould types.

  • Two Shots Molds or Over molds
  • Large Size Molds
  • Prototype Molds
  • Single Cavity Molds
  • Multiple Cavity Molds
  • Three Plate Molds
  • Insert Molds
  • Robot Transfer Molds
  • Hand Transfer Molds

- Tools are often designed for manual assembly processes, higher requirements for automatic assembly lines required: Our company was established 2002, and 90% of our moulds go to Europe and US, where all production runs fully automatic with robots and handling devices.

- The Chinese market in toolmaking and purchasing of parts is too complex and too dynamic to be treated and executed from Germany headquarters: This is correct, therefore we have a German agent GTEC established in China to be an extended workforce to clarify all technical and commercial communication gaps, if any.

- Lack of trained personnel in toolmaking: We send our workers to German-Chinese vocational training centre for industrial mechanics in Guangzhou (South China). Our 105 experienced and according to Western quality standard well-trained employees can handle all requirements in high precision surface quality, complex 3D geometries, and on time delivery. For example, we are able to analyse temperature critical areas to reduce cycle times at plastic injection machines.

What makes us different from our competitors?

  • In production, we often use multi-sided machining without manual re-clamping and setup.
  • We have skilled workers who do die spotting by hand, which is rarely available.
  • Our machine park includes jig- and profile-grinding machines
  • In plastics processing, the mould is designed for an optimized injection moulding process of the part.
  • If errors occur, we have experience in the analysis of complex processes.
  • The parts can be optimized because there is an understanding of the relationship between process and material properties.
  • We keep our experienced staff over many years and don’t change skilled personnel and managers
  • Our staff is able to read English, but Sales and Agents can communicate in English on professional business level.
  • We regularly improve our tooling inhouse by our professional staff to avoid rework, e.g. deburring.

From the entrepreneur's point of view, the following working conditions in our plant are positive:

  • 300 days/year working in tool shops, 3-shift operation is possible.
  • Modern machinery, good CAD/CAM equipment (high investment)
  • sometimes still low utilization of capacities (short delivery times)

If interested in our moulds and plastic parts, please contact following persons with phone, email, or skype:

Bruce Tu Sales Manager

USA Tel: +1 978 310 1919 China Tel: +86-0769-82599378

Mobile (Wechat or Whatsapp): +86-18938293076

Email: bruce(at)

Skype: tfy189


Kevin Wang Technical Manager


China Facility Add:

#2 Jin Qiao Industrial Park, JinQiao, QingXi Town, Dong Guan City, GuangDong Province, China 523740

USA Support Add:

PO.Box#531, Buena Park, CA 90621

European Support Add:

199 route de Colombey 71370 OUROUX SUR SAONE France