Stamping and Deep Drawing

Stamping and Deep Drawing Parts and Tooling

The German customers trust only German company to deliver the products in required quality. Once the parts are shipped to the customer and quality problems are detected, then damage cannot be repaired.

We take over single part production, "Assembly production" , "final quality check" , " packaging" , "warehouse storage" and "delivery service" for all industry sectors of German companies.

Advantage for customers is our German knowhow and quality awareness, combinded with trilingual communication. We communicate in English, German and Chinese.

You can send us your RFQ together with your requirements . We give you a very reasonable price.

You also give us your parts , we test the quality , we assemble, inspect the quality of the assembly , take over packaging, storage and shipping. You get a German or Chinese invoice, just as you wish.

As needed , we can take over project management including purchasing activities.


Manufacturing of special parts

  • blanks