Limed up and corroding cooling canals in aluminum die casting and plastic injection molds lead to a slowly increasing isolation layer, which heat transfer, therefore quality of inserted molds and the cycle time makes worse. This has again considerable consequences on ability of delivery and the relation to the customer and at last on the profi of the enterprise.

Absolutely, you have already noticed this,  however servicing and cleaning expenditure is huge. You cannot afford the idle times of the tools. Besides, you do not know what to do legally with the poisoned sewage. At last, you do not know if the canals are really clean, after hard work of cleaning.

We sell a system that fulfils all your requirements and, besides, treats your budget with care. Compare our product to their achievement data and characteristics of the competition, we are unbeatable in price and quality:

  • We supervise and document the cleaning process and cleansing success.
  • We clean at the same time all your cooling canals and accelerate the cleaning process considerably. Your tools will be available longer for production.
  • German engineering with manufacturing in China

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