Your company needs cost management in your Supply Chain department to calculate and to reduce total costs of purchased parts from your suppliers. Negotiation with suppliers will fail to get the best price, if your purchasing staff doesn’t know the true prime costs.


Or your enterprise needs to calculate sales prices to send offer to your existing and potential customers. Only if you know your true internal costs, you know your bottom line for negotiations of your sales staff with customers to avoid losses.


Due to our comprehensive experience in sales, purchasing, logistics and general management, our company is able to help you to find the true cost and support you in negotiations with customers and suppliers.


Because of lack of manpower, knowledge or other reasons, either you need our service for finding the true costs, and we will calculate for you. Or we train your staff to do the work by themselves. Additionally, we can consult you in preparation and negotiation with your international clients and vendors. Our GTEC professionals speak Chinese, English and German.




Requirements for successful implementation of ECOCUT in China
  1. Organization and structure release
  2. Preparation of training concepts and guidance of key user training
  3. Preparation of the knowledge base
  4. Participation in workshops
  5. Analysis of mold purchasing


ECOCUT 在中国成功实施的要求

  1. 组织和结构的发布
  2. 培训概念的准备和关键用户的培训的引导
  3. 知识库的准备
  4. 参加讲习班
  5. 模具采购的分析


 ECOCUT© 资料库

Attached please find a template for your RFQ (request for quotation) of parts and tools. Please select what you need, fill in completely, send to our company with email, and get an offer and contract proposal from us, including payment and delivery terms.