The Cycle Time is usually a very sensitive operation. This is why various cycle time calculators can calculate these values themselves on the basis of physical dimensions. The geometric properties of cast and injection moulding parts enable us to calculate the machine dimensions (clamping force). The cycle time is then influenced considerably by the solidification time. The cycle time calculators query all of the dimensions that are relevant to and later indicate the cycle time. Machined parts (turning/milling parts) require the most extensive knowledge. Here they refer to the work sequences are listed step by step and analysed with processing times due to our experience and knowledge.



We are currently using following cycle time calculators for our cost calculations:


  • Die Casting 压铸
  • Plastic Injection moulding 塑胶射出成型
  • Lathing/Turning 车床加工
  • Milling 铣削
  • Assembly 装配

The Knowledge Domain provides access via the Explorer to manufacture steps that have already been calculated and have yielded robust results and allows them to copy these steps. In the process, we can copy entire manufacturing steps as well as their components and embed them into the calculation to be created.


In the knowledge domain, standardized manufacturing processes are predefined by the users and created as independent modules.


External (supplier) and internal manufacturing process know-how is stored in the ECOCUT© knowledge domain.


If we switch to the “Manufacturing Details” window, ECOCUT© queries all of the cost-related components within one single manufacturing step.


  • Output Quantity 产量
  • Machine Hourly Rate 机器每小时费率
  • Set-Up Costs 准备/启动费用
  • Direct Labour Costs 直接人工成本
  • Tool Costs 模具工装成本
  • Residual Manufacturing Overhead Cost Surcharge 其他制造附加费