GTEC (German Technology & Engineering Cooperation) delivers service, consulting and training in cost management of parts and tools (die & moulds) for purchasing and sales departments of a Chinese company. For cost calculation we are using our own ECOCUT ® software (Effective Cost Cutting) and for supplier development we are using the SPECTRA ® method (Supplier Process Evaluation and Cost Transparency). Both are registered trademarks in China by GTEC.

GTEC(德国技术与工程合作社)为一家中国公司的采购和销售部门提供零件和模具(模具)成本管理方面的服务,咨询和培训。对于成本计算,我们使用我们自己的ECOCUT ®软件(有效成本削减),对于供应商开发,我们使用SPECTRA ®方法(供应商过程评估和成本透明度)。两者都是GTEC在中国的注册商标。


Do you as our customer like to have a report to show results of our calculations?


Creating a calculation helps customers to understand the interconnected relationships between cost parameters that result in the part price. Analyses are required to effectively achieve cost optimization objectives. From the broad range of reports available, basic and advanced report will be popular for application.


Basics: The “Result Report” is a summary of all of the cost parameters and is an excellent basis for negotiations and similar tasks.

基础报告: “结果报告”是所有成本参数的摘要,并且是进行谈判和类似任务的良好基础。

Advanced: The “CostBreakDown” uses tables and diagrams to illustrate the relationships between the various cost pools. The clear presentation allows users to quickly identify and quantify cost drivers. If you desire a deeper level of detail, simply click the general chart and you will jump to the deeper detail level and breakdown. A blue arrow takes you back one detail level.

高级报告:“ 成本分解”使用表格和图表来说明各种成本池之间的关系。清晰的演示使用户可以快速识别和量化成本动因。如果需要更深层次的细节,只需单击概览图表,您将跳至更深层次的细节和细分。蓝色箭头将您带回到一个详细级别。


Currencies:  ECOCUT© supports the major currencies of the world. By pushing the buttons „Base Currency“ and „Display Currency”, different currency modes can be selected.



Selected additional features include the databases in ECOCUT© among other functions. Even though it is possible to create calculations without the extensive databases, GTEC uses Country, Material and Machine Databases for cost calculation, which are due to IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) not available for customers to see.