Profitable Company Restructuring: Do you want to go ahead in China and Asia-Pacific?


We would be happy to support you as a system doctor and problem solver in getting financially healthy, in restructuring and in increasing profits.


What are your advantages of booking us?


Just one of my success stories as an example for you:


Our engagement for a customer who is the market leader in products for electric vehicles. Here we were able to achieve the following measurable results:


  • Increase in sales by 30% while reducing the internal error rate by 86% and consequently as well the customer complaints from 56 units to 0. 销售额增加30%,同时内部错误率降低86%,且客户投诉也从56次降为0。
  • The number of workers has been reduced by 18%, and the absence and layoff rates have been significantly lower. 工人数量减少18%,缺勤和裁员率大幅降低。

As a result, the operating profit rose from 56000 to 2.6 Mio RMB/month.  最后,每月营业利润从56,000元人民币增加到260万元人民币。

How is that possible in such a short time? What is behind this success?



All our previous customers from Germany, US, France and Italy had the following advantages through our work:


-          100% loyal to the client,  100%忠于客户

-          Innovative thinking and quick actions,  创新思维及快速行动

-          24-7 high performance culture,  全天候高绩效文化

-          Structured approach, reporting and coordination. 结构性方法、报告和协调。


Why is that so important for you in Asia?



From my experience you need a business partner:


  • One with an effective cost reduction methodology  能够实施有效的成本缩减法
  • One who can build a learning organization for you     能够帮您创建一个善于学习的组织
  •  Someone with years of multicultural experience in East and West    拥有东西方跨文化经历
  •  Tight communication and proactive motivation,  善于沟通和积极主动动力
  •  Experience in project management, negotiation technique and controlling,  拥有项目管理经验、谈判技巧和控制能力


Now simply call Karl (German, English) at 0086-13482438080 or write an Email to contact(at)">contact(at)  and arrange a conversation with us.

现在你只需要电话 卡尔(德语、英文) 0086-13482438080 或写邮件到contact(at)">contact(at) 就可以和我们联系交流。

 Don’t wait, Asia is fast! An efficient preparation and ramp-up phase must be well planned, so that you can achieve measurable success even faster.