How our calculations performed? The part, assembly, and even the system prices are derived from the three cost pools:


  • Material Costs: Raw Material, Sub Parts, Consumables, Material Overhead Costs (MOC). 物料成本:原材料,子零件,消耗品,物料间接成本(MOC)。

We offer a selection of specific material cost calculators that address the unique technical specifications of the various manufacturing processes.


  •  Manufacturing Costs: Production System, Set-Up Costs, Direct Labour, Tools, Residual Manufacturing Overhead Costs (RMOC)  制造成本:生产系统,准备/启动成本,直接人工,工具,其他制造间接成本(RMOC)

The “Manufacturing” spreadsheet initiates all of the manufacturing steps and displays them graphically in an arrow diagram. At the same time, this information is also listed in tabular form directly below the graphical representation and presented with three different “manufacturing arrows”


  •  Overheads: Overheads on Production Costs, Profit, Payment Terms, Delivery Terms. 间接费用:生产成本,利润,付款条件,交货条件方面的间接费用。