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CEO Karlheinz Zuerl

1. My trailer for my potential customers

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2. Why do most industrial projects in China fail?

• Poor sales figures with overcapacity due to a lack of orders

• High purchasing costs, with a large proportion of raw material and WIP investments

• Too many quality issues and customer dissatisfaction

• 5S insufficiency with poor MCE (Manufacturing Cycle Effectiveness)

• Off-site management but excessive overtime with low morale and very low daily spend rate


3. You achieve significantly better operating results through my know-how, skills, ideas and experience. Resulting in more profit growth and customer satisfaction in a short time. Your financial advantage: you save or win at least the amount you spend on me. You got me for free, so to speak.


4. My philosophy:

Although I come from a technical background, I always work with people for people. Motivation is at the top, because those who are in a better mood are also better received and implement more.


5. Sell without borders. I'll close the sack for you! Your concerns are the basis for my solutions. I lead your projects to success. My specialty is interim management and business development consulting in China. I make sure that my clients become financially healthy and independent in a short time. I will find the opportunities for you that the Chinese market offers. Hence my credo: He who listens understands a lot.

    • For example, you increase profits by reducing costs. My latest work looks at practical ways to effectively reduce costs in Asia on the path to profit growth. 


6. My expert profiles as an interim general manager and consultant (see the download area for details)

1. Expert for cost management in China

I advise you competently on the creation of a strategy to reduce costs in purchasing, logistics and production, with which you can quickly identify and harvest the "low-hanging fruits".

2. China/Asia LCD Manufacturing Expert

I support you in the cost reduction activities through lean production and cheaper purchasing, as well as in the communication between headquarters (HQ) and Chinese engineering department. The aim is to increase competitiveness for the Chinese market and to maximize profit for the customer.

3. Expert in Stamping Die Manufacturing in China

As a designer for punching tools, I encourage you to buy cheaply and negotiate on site on a technical basis, so that you get the tools delivered with the right quality, time and price. Likewise, I develop your suppliers and your production to increase efficiency and competitiveness.

4. Aluminum Die Casting & Plastic Injection Molding Expert in China

At your suppliers and in your factory, I ensure effective cost reduction activities through lean production and cheaper purchasing. Furthermore, I help in the communication between the headquarters and the Chinese engineering department. This increases your competitiveness for the Chinese market and maximizes your profit.

5.  Expert for supplier development E-mobility & NEV in China

I support you with audits and work out proposed solutions for you to increase the efficiency of your suppliers in China (costs, quality, deadlines). At the same time, I will contact new suppliers for you and develop cost reduction strategies.


 7. My customers are the decision-makers for the Chinese branches and plants in their company, for example

    • CEOs, CFOs, COOs, GMs, Plant Managers and the many SME entrepreneurs who want to have happy customers and become financially successful.
    • Managers, whose success bonus also decides the well-being and care of the family.


 8. The benefit of my offer for your company?

    • So that your life will be nicer than it is now, no longer dependent on politics, customers and their arbitrariness. So that you can travel and visit other countries, stay healthy and take care of your family and friends, etc.
    • Compare your personal benefit from me with my competition in China. You will find I am unique and tailored to your case.


9. Functional and leadership experience in multiple areas (see chart). That means I also have a solution for your areas and projects.


10. The probability that the customer will buy is 80%. What is my strategy in selling to close the sack?

    • I always get my offers and the customer's investment in a nutshell, for example:
      • This is what the customer invests: X
      • This is what it brings to the customer: Y
      • Y > X
    • My goal is always to win the customer. I say that straight to his face.


11. Each of your projects is based on my skills, experience and ideas:

    • In the last 9 years I have been working as a general manager and consultant in the automotive industry, mechanical engineering and environmental technology. The focus in recent years has been digitization, online marketing and online sales.
    • Before that, I worked for BMW in engineering for 6 years and for General Motors for 16 years, most recently in purchasing, until GM went bankrupt in 2005. I also wrote books about China and for universities (see Amazon). My knowledge and the methodology was needed at Valeo and Bosch. At Valeo, I trained salespeople on how to deal with customers. Bosch put me straight to Asia to train their buyers.
    • Before starting my own business (9 years now), I took on a project at Bosch in Suzhou for a year to sell battery packs for electric vehicles at BMW in Shenyang.
    • If you would like to know all my numbers, data, facts and key technical data, you will find my detailed CV in German and English in the download area.


12. What am I passionate about (my passion)?

    • I have a passion for teamwork and business development and organization building. See my achieved successes in my project reports in the download.
    • I burn for the calculated ROI. My benefit to you is based on my uniqueness compared to my competitors, my financial advantages (see no. 3), my low price (on request) and my dedicated service (see graphic) 
    • I am passionate about helping other people become successful and achieve their personal goals. My trust in other people is restored, these people also trust me.
    • I am passionate about continuous learning. I invest daily in further training and invest this valuable time for my customers

13. Why do my customers love me?

    • My teams recognize the goals and vision of the company. My employees are involved and bring new impetus to the team. People are motivated and do great work. See customer feedback below.
    • For example, I became General Manager in Tianjin at an Italian company. There, with the help of my team, I managed to achieve a high increase in profits and significant cost reductions within a few years. I'm really proud of it.
    • This experience in motivating Chinese people then I used at other companies where I was employed as a GM or where I travel as a consultant. With great success, because I ignite the fire at the customer. See my achieved successes in my project reports in the download.

14. What does my private life have to do with your business?

    • I act boldly and get braver every day. In 2013, I married an intelligent Chinese woman from a family of civil servants and founded my own company. We have had a pretty and intelligent daughter for 3 years, a hybrid so to speak in automotive jargon. Thanks to my wife's feedback, I know what Chinese women look for in business: shoes, socks, shirts. Everything has to fit if I want to score points in sales or projects. Even in my home office, I'm now styled business-like, which motivates me and my customers.
    • As a result, I am very close to Chinese culture, its customs, politics and the way of thinking of Chinese managers and decision-makers, which is of great benefit to my customers and their employees: I can put myself in their position and way of thinking and communicate interculturally, both in business and in private life.


15. That's me too.

    • The morning or evening jogging through the residential complex in Suzhou, I don't let take away from me. Even with well-trained employees, I climb mountains, play table tennis or join other running teams.
    • As early as 1993, I traveled alone to China after learning Chinese in Germany at the University of Bochum and VHS in Frankfurt and Mainz, as well as at a school in Beijing. Through “learning by doing”, daily practice makes perfect. I demonstrate what I ask of others.


16. How am I as a personality and how can you assess me without having got to know me personally for a long time? (Based on scientifically proven DISC and BANK-code tests)

    • People like me are primarily responsible, reliable and detail-oriented. You have a very high zest for life.
    • People like me typically run highly profitable, competitive businesses by relying on proven systems, budgets and timelines. They usually lead with clearly defined goals and a plan to make big profits.
    • I quickly identify and respond to opportunities based on metrics and predictable outcomes. Since I generally adhere to guidelines and procedures, I rely on strategies that do not break the rules.
    • My personality influences your prospect's decision making the most as I am highly ethical, committed and well prepared.
    • You can rely on me. Work is always done according to plan and specifications. I am responsible and detail oriented. I can be trusted with the planning of an event or a meeting without any problems. The implementation is guaranteed to be efficient and in line with expectations. I respect tradition and prefer systems and methods that have been proven to work every time. Guys like me have high ethical standards and generally respect rules and authority, making them the most trustworthy people out there.
    • I'm not afraid to take risks. I'm always looking for new ways to challenge the status quo.
    • I also focus on long-term strategies and am a source of knowledge, which means that I never stop learning new things.
    • I enjoy bringing out the best in people and fostering a sense of community. Guys like me are diplomatic and harmonious, which makes me very good trainers, motivators, mentors and advisors. I am also warm, friendly, sincere. An individual, you like to surround yourself with.

 17. Download possibilities

 18. How you can get in contact with me?