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Supplier Relationship Management SRM

Attached please find a picture how to manage this item step by step. The Automotive world call this process steps SPECTRA in Asia. It stands for Supplier Process Evaluation and Cost Transparency.

Introduction of Supplier Relationship Management SRM
An important part of SPECTRA is SRM, focus on a win-to-win- situation with suppliers.
We took it over for all industrial processes, as it revolutionary will change traditional behavior to modern supplier relationship management. The role between suppliers and customers will change completely with a lot of advantages of both sides, as both sitting in the same boat.

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Does buying die & molds in China have high cost advantages? Does it have high risks as well, which are often underestimated?

Yes, there are many cost advantages and high risks as well. Let us discuss following items:

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Product & Tool cost calculation for profit growth of your company

Effective Cost Cutting
Practical Modern Approach for Managers and Engineers in Industry to achieve Profit Growth
The days of cheap raw materials and energy sources are over. Your suppliers in Europe and Asia will demand price increases due to rising material and energy prices. How do you calculate the total costs, whether a procurement in China really pays off? How do you create transparency in the "supply chain" between sub-suppliers and OEMs, in order to identify and implement optimum costs and performance?

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107qm Rental Suzhou Serviced Office & 40qm Suzhou Serviced Apartment at at new representative Suzhou City Plaza, close to Metro and Main Station.

107qm Rental Suzhou Serviced Office at new representative Suzhou City Plaza. Pinglong Lu No.251. Very central with direct Metro connection. 8th Floor.
Special offer together with
40qm Rental Suzhou Serviced Apartment at new representative Suzhou City Plaza. Pinglong Lu No.251. Very central with direct Metro connection. 19th Floor.
Nice view and quiet.

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86qm-Apartment & Office in Shanghai Hongqiao Hub for rent!

Short and Long Term furnished home office and apartment rental in China for affordable price at high service quality.
Exclusively for Chinese, German and English-speaking companies and private persons from overseas:
86qm-Serviced Apartment and Office in Shanghai Hongqiao Hub. Who comes first, will be served first. Free to rent at end of March 2020. With very attractive prices, related to your rental period.

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Are you successful in your business? How can you reach your goals?

Can you answer following statements with yes, to use following strategy to pursue your goals?

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How to tackle next recessions?

Since many years focusing on Asian markets in industry, I am always keen on learning and to improve my abilities to push my own and my client's companies forward. Based on a McKinsey study (see link below), they asked: What we always need to do to stay ahead of our industry peers, even slightly? Is our company in Asia resilient enough to be ready for next crisis? To be or not to be, is this the question? Especially supplier businesses related to automotive is strongly affected by downturns of OEMs.

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Manufacturing in China: Smart factories everywhere or still extended workbenches?

What is your target or KPI as COO or plant manager in China? Increase profit as first priority, then increase flexibility, throughput time due to customer requirements. Furthermore, to increase efficiency by keeping company as attractive employer for high performing employees? To use lean manufacturing tools, Six Sigma methods, supplier development and cost reduction tools like ECOCUT (efficient cost cutting) and SPECTRA (supplier process evaluation and cost transparency), you easily can reach these targets.

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What questions do you need to ask to select the right candidate?

How to become a perfect General Manager/CEO/VP/COO/CFO...?

Coaching staff and managers is one of the main tasks of a Top Manager. To delegate daily work to your staff, is obligatory to have space for your main strategic and business development tasks.
Today, as a GM/CxO/VP/department manager or HR staff, what question do you need to ask to select and hire the right candidates?

A candidate is revealing information about him/herself and you need to put together a picture out of resume, interview, salary negotiation and acceptance of your offer. For example, using the right vocabulary and required key words for this specific job, while describing his/her experiences, accomplishments, successes and achievements, talking about energy, confidence, communication skills, ability to connect with the company, examples of past success.
Is the candidate talking about written and oral communication skills? Confidentiality, moral and ethical behavior? Independent and self-starting? Prioritizing and multi-tasking? Highly organized? Is he/she using examples to prove his/her statement?
Is the candidate using poor and weak words or perfect phrases? Is he/she talking too much and not getting to the point?
Is the candidate able to explain what makes him/her unique and where he/she is on his/her career path?

Here comes the process for interviews, to ask your proper questions to following topics in this sequence below:
1. Breaking the Ice
2. Getting to know the candidate
3. Strength and Uniqueness
4. Skills
5. Behavioral questions
6. Hiring supervisors
7. Hiring executive management
8. Summary

Below, you will find some questions of each item as example and reference. If you need to know more questions to ask, please write me a private email to qukanghan(at)
Best regards
Karlheinz Zuerl

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Purchase of die & moulds in Low Cost Country (LCC) China

Buying die & molds in China seemingly has high cost advantages due to toolmaker’s offer. But has high risks as well, which are often underestimated:

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Efficient Cost Cutting 1!

Most companies in Asia have no clue about how to reduce costs, e.g. in supply chain, engineering, production. To do this, companies need knowledge in costs engineering, product and tool costing, controlling. And they need enough working time to realize and follow up. Management need methodology in change management, as mostly to modify processes in operation you need to push but employees need to be convinced and motivated, otherwise they will block your improvements for any excuses.
Actually, GTEC holds two Chinese Trademarks in product and tool costing for our service, consulting and training business.
Following please find a job description for freelancers to support our attractive business. Please apply at contact(at) with application letter and CV. Please indicate your hourly and daily payment rates.

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Blockchain, published in Linkedin 20180415

Last week, a WBC World Blockchain Conference took place in Beijing, soon a similar one will start in Shanghai.

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Green Tech for China

China is becoming greener, but in some areas still heavily polluted. Currently China is mostly using fossil fuels to cover required energy.

It is not only air pollution by burning coal, but also low quality of water and soil, which is unsafe and dangerous for people. Additionally, car emissions and waste are part of this drama. Since years, Chinese government has declared war on pollution, promoting environmental protection, energy efficiency, low carbon growth and waste management.
As I am not an expert in green buildings, recycling, soil pollution, mining and wastewater treatment, I only focus on solutions of HSE and maintenance in industry, chemical gas cleaning opportunities, renewable energy, energy storage, and certainly in green transportation due to my automotive and e-motion background. Following some collected market initiative ideas:

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Where does the enormous price differences from Asian to German toolmakers come from?

The often enormous price difference to German toolmakers results from the current grant-in-aids of the Asian states, the favorable low labor costs, the used cheap materials (shorter tool life), often no HSC (high speed cutting) milling, no tool coating (thus leads to shorter tool life), the self-built standard parts with accompanying low level of standardization (repair of the tooling in the West is therefore very expensive), and the design of the tool according to LCC methods for the manufacturing of the part (e.g. for manual assembly instead of automatic assembly).

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M&A opportunity: modern German CNC multi-bending machine manufacturer on sale, published in Linkedin 20180514

Due to retirement and lack of descendant, do you know someone who is interested in buying and running a long established German company for manufacturing bending machines (tubes, profiles)? Customers and orders available in automotive, ship building, furniture industry and others.

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Einer der auszog, um reich zu werden_unveröffentlichte Geschichten

Nette, noch unveröffentlichte Geschichten aus Familien und Business zum Thema Interkulturelles und "Diversity". Fuer alle, die sich dafür interessieren.
Schauen Sie mal in das Buch oder E-book "Die Kaiserin von Suzhou" rein und geben Sie uns Ihr Feedback dazu.
Wer traut es sich zu und möchte diese nachfolgenden Rohfassungen als Auszüge aus der Serie und weitere Buecher dieser Art Korrekturlesen oder sogar als Redakteur/in arbeiten?
Die Geschichten werden wöchentlich (kursiv und fett abwechselnd) ergänzt, schauen Sie doch wieder mal vorbei!
Übrigens, wer GTEC-Bücher weiterempfiehlt, kann mit einer 20%igen Provision rechnen. Hierzu einfach eine Email an contact(at) schreiben.

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Die Kaiserin von Suzhou

Aus der Serie »Erfolgreich in China«
Einer der auszog, um reich zu werden
Band 1 »Die Kaiserin von Suzhou«

Alle Chinesen essen Hunde und Katzen! Franz Übermut, ein deutscher Geschäftsmann, der geschäftlich in China Fuß fassen möchte, räumt auf humorvolle Art mit Irrtümern über China auf. Das Land und die Kultur wird den Europäern und der westlichen Welt in einer Weise nähergebracht, wie es kein Reiseführer schafft.
Das Arbeiten als Entrepreneur und in Firmen, sowie der Alltag mit seiner Frau Hong und ihrer Familie wartet mit spannenden Geschichten auf und das eine oder andere Fettnäpfchen lässt sich trotz aller Warnungen nicht umgehen.
Die Ehe der beiden ist alles andere als harmonisch, denn immer wieder prallen die verschiedenen Kulturen aufeinander, aber für beide ist das kein Grund aufzugeben. Ihr Leben ist angefüllt mit Aktionen, Gedanken und Gesprächsstoff über Geld, Glück, Intrigen, Liebe, Macht, Sex und Business.

Softcover mit 366 Seiten.
ISBN 978-3-939366-24-9

Schauen Sie mal in das Buch oder E-book rein und geben Sie uns Ihr Feedback dazu.

Die Geschichten werden hier wöchentlich (kursiv und fett abwechselnd) ergänzt, schauen Sie doch wieder mal vorbei!

Übrigens, wir verkaufen unsere Bücher selbst. Wer GTEC-Bücher weiterempfiehlt, kann mit einer 20%igen Provision rechnen. Hierzu einfach eine Email an contact(at) schreiben.

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Launch des YouTube-Kanals!

Unser YouTube-Kanal ist mit einem neuen Schwung an sehenswerten Videos gestartet!

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Neuigkeiten von GTEC Asia

Willkommen auf der neuen Website von
Mit neuem Content und vielem mehr!
Schauen Sie mal rein was es heute Neues bei uns gibt!
Beispielsweise ein interessantes E-Book über China bei Amazon zum Download gefällig?
Oder neue sehenswerte Youtube Videos?
Oder neue Wasserreinigungsmaschinen zum Reduzieren der Zykluszeit und damit zum Erhoehen Ihres Profit?
Oder werden Sie Mitglied in unserem Interim Manager Pool fuer Asien?
Oder Sie suchen ein Wohnbüro in Suzhou Stadtmitte oder in der Nähe vom Shanghai Hongqiao Hub (Serviced Apartment) für Ihre Manager oder Monteure zu günstigem Preis?

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