Franchising Partnership

Why attend this Partnership program?

  • You like to become a trainer, facilitator and entrepreneur and you don’t want to create a concept by your own, especially because you don’t want to invest in time and money, and you don’t like to take high risks.
  • You are already a professor or teacher at school and you want to expand your knowledge in Industry and like to have an additional income without risk and investment of time and money
  • You want to teach a program that deals with your specific issues and concerns related to finance, economy and prosperity

Who should attend this franchise program?

  • You are already financial independent and want to expand your profits
  • You are a consultant and want to deepen your practice and network
  • You are disappointed by your financial situation and keen to pursue new ideas
  • You like networking and like to meet new friends or business partners

Important note

In order to achieve a very high quality of teaching, GTEC franchise partners will be strictly limited to districts in each country worldwide. A fare command of English language is a must, as documentation is in English. But GTEC partners can hold trainings and workshops in their own language and are able to translate each training material given on request and approval of GTEC management.


See GTEC Profit Growth Academy

In order to become a independent JADE BELT Adviser, you will be required to accomplish all parts of our training program.

Upon successful application and participation on our program with graduation from this level, you will receive a personal franchise partner & membership number which allows you to get financial profit out of trainings and workshops.

Steps to JADEBELT Certification  in Industry


If interested in

1) To become a JADEBELT Master of your Industry sector (e.g. Automotive, Powertools, Civil engineering, etc) or

2) to participate in GTEC Franchising Partnership Program, please apply by email and explain your needs, goals and wishes and request more detailed information.

3) To need more knowledge to increase your career prospects with expectations to receive higher salary, please also send email asap. We can help you in our very professional way.